FAQ aka Things to know

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I hit the cable?

Shooting the cable, yes I have done it, and yes of course it was on purpose, will do damage to the support line. During the R&D phase my cohort Dave and I, put four rounds of .22 lr on the line at 15 yards, and yes it will mess it up.

What happens if I hit the target cap?

The cap that supports that can has also been hit, though that one was probably not on purpose, and it held up nicely. As long as there are two supporting can contact points, the cap should, yes should boys and girls, hold the weight of a full can.

How do I change the target?

Carefully. Now remember all you sportsmans, aluminum when penetrated with lead, copper, brass, tungsten, will cause sharp edges and pointy bits, so when you replace the chewed up target with a fresh one, if it’s still there, be smart about where you put your hands. Removing the damaged can is how you replace the target, so do so safely while being aware of those sharp and pointy bits. Seriously, you have been made aware. Be smart boys and girls as you have been cautioned. Liability absolved. Hitting the can with an alternate sporting good such as a baseball or football or soccer ball, you get theidea, will damage the can but should not generate any sharp and pointy bits. Use caution and be aware of any that may be there.

What happens when I hit a full or partially empty can?

Hitting a full, or partially full can at a point where the projectile will pass positively through liquid or solid contents of the can will, to a 95% assurity, cause the can to separate from the support line. That’s a good thing! Makes it easier to replace the target, and is well quite frankly VERY satisfying for the immediate auditory and visual feedback of a positive impact target. Hence the name.

How much weight will the target system support?

The can support system has been tested and holds 10 pounds for several days, I haven’t seen one fall yet, so putting more than 10 pounds of downward weight on the system is a risk that if you take will most likely kill your target support system, so I don’t encourage you to do that.

Exactly what is a PIT Cap (patent pending)?

A positive impact target (PIT) cap is exactly that. A target system that provides instant audible and visual feedback of a successful hit. This instantaneous feedback is generated through an impact of a variety sporting goods including soft felxible dart style systems, airsoft, archery, BB or pellet systems, paintball markers, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, hockey pucks, and other. Upon impact the user, that's you, will know that the hit was successful.

What system limitations exist and how do I best use a can as the target?

Hitting a fully pressurized or unopened can will cause damage to the cap holder. When attaching the target to the cap holder it is important to place an opened can. The can is best used as the target when filled with a liquid or dirt. For those of you who have access to a can opener, removing the lid from the can makes it much easier to fill the can with dirt or water.